Workshops for Schools and Colleges

Counselling and Creative Art Therapy Workshops

For Schools and Colleges

I have created unique Specialist Workshops using both my Counselling and Creative Art Therapy skills combined, to good effect. My Workshops are thought-provoking, informative, prompting discussion and Creative outcomes utilising a wide range of topics and themes. Participation is encouraged from the individual and group involved in a variety of ways, which are communicative, opinion forming and creative, both mentally and in practical outcomes.

For Junior and Secondary Schools and Colleges of Higher Education my

‘How do I feel About…?’  Workshops

Suitable for all age groups, my Workshops are planned and tailored to the specific client’s brief. Initial consultation with the Head of School or College or Head of Department, Mental and Physical Health Education (PSHE category) for example, will determine the preferred theme which the School or College would like to me to explore with the students, the format and details of my visit, which I will be happy to discuss and explain. The range of pertinent categories provides much choice and gives support to the education and ethos concerning mental health and understanding of it, in the School or College.

Time-frames for Workshops are variable. Workshops can take place over one day, one week or on a regular basis slot over a period of time, as requested. Forward planning with diaries is appreciated.

Themes and Topics which have been explored in my Workshops are:

‘How do I feel About…?’

Bullying      Happiness      Self-harming      Depression      Anxiety     Prejudice


Handling expectation


Handling Loss    

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Developing Positive Character Traits


All preferences and suggestions are considered.

Planning the Workshop

The outline of the Workshop format is as follows:

Room organisation: Creating a conducive working space, both intimate and practical

Welcome: Introduction from myself, what I do and the Workshop of the day

Communication: Setting the scene for the chosen theme, prompting input and discussion

Development: Exploration through use of my personalised structures, involving my copyrighted tailor-made games on specific themes, thought provoking exercises and participatory organisation.

Time out

Creative Art Therapies: Personal individual contributions from each participant to a planned team outcome which will reflect impressions of the theme discussed and explored.

Individuals will formulate ideas on the theme of discussion, and how they feel about the theme and how it has impacted on them personally. Following this, each student will form part of a small team, where they will plan and organise ideas for a relevant outcome together, inclusively.

The material outcome will be an exhibit which is a Creative visualisation reflecting and highlighting the thoughts, opinions and personal reflection from discussion and planning. Final piece may take the form of a full room Installation for exhibiting, or stand alone smaller contributions. Either way, all creative outcomes will be reflective of being heard, personal opinion, possible thought differences, but of also prompting or forming a deeper understanding and empathetic tolerance of others points of view, creating harmony, tolerance and a congruent environment.  

All Art materials are relevant. The written Word is also a creative tool in communication.

Involvement from all participants, whatever their actual artistic ability, is pertinent. The Workshop is a comfortable and non-judgemental space, where each student is valued.

Endings: Sharing thoughts on the Workshop


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