Books and Publications

Deanna has written several books for children which she has also illustrated, is published poet and has produced publications for the ‘Mental Health and Well-being’ marketplace.

  1. Ant The Allergic
  2. A Visit to Frensham Pond
  3. The Aardvark and His Nose
  4. Bev the Beaver

Ant the Allergic


Ant_1  ant_3_300pxAnt_2


A Visit to Frensham Pond

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The Aardvark and His Nose

Aardvark_1  Aardvark_2Aardvark_3  Aardvark_4Aardvark_5  Aardvark_6



Bev the Beaver


Unexpected Spring

A book of poems by Hilary Elfick. Illustrations by Deanna de Roche




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