Deanna de Roche

Therapeutic Counselling and Creative Art Therapies

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B.A Fine Arts

Post-Graduate Psychotherapist

Guildford and Southampton BPS Certified

Person-Centred Counselling Certification

Safeguarding Certification

Qualified Teacher Status. DBS checked Certification

SEN Practitioner: Art Therapies

‘Mind’ Mental Health

‘The Priory’ Mental Health

County Council Referral Facilities

Stress-management Study Certification

Mindfulness Practitioner

Counsellors Network Surrey


I offer Counselling and Creative Art Therapies for all ages.

‘When Art and Psychotherapy are joined the scope and depth of each can be expanded, and when working together, they are tied to the continuities of humanity’s history of healing’

Shaun Mc Niff. The Arts and Psychotherapy

My Integrated-Holistic approach to Counselling is informed by Person-Centred and Psychodynamic models, with influences from Jungian concepts of ‘harmony and inclusion’.

Influences to my practise include Gestalt and Solution-based theories, Carl Rogers, Natalie Rogers, Freud, Bowlby, Erikson, Klein, Oaklander and Axline, amongst other great thinkers and innovators in mental health.

Working together

As my client your issues will be heard safely and professionally in a non-judgemental space for your peace of mind. Working together, we can explore best pathways for your forward progression and healing.

Both the client’s present and past experience, where trauma stays with us, are heard through listening and talking therapies, providing a vehicle for the exploration of the unconscious mind to aid the healing process.

Using creativity with an open-minded non-judgemental approach assists towards a deeper understanding of the client’s issue or trauma from the client’s own perspective and perception.

Life issues and traumas manifest themselves in numerous ways. Our ability to cope with the shock of sudden and unexpected realisations, changes and traumas in our lives, fears and anxieties which lead to sleep deprivation and perception changes, are amongst a plethora of conditions where therapy can assist the client and play a major role in change and recovery.

Whatever your issue please share it with me and we can work through it together. I work with Post Traumatic Stress conditions.

I am approachable and kind of character with good communication skills with all ages. My aim is to help and heal with the professional and intuitive knowledge that I have acquired through years of study and practice.

Sessions are time limited and organised to provide beneficial structure to the client.

I have worked with children, students and adults for twenty-five years, providing insights and formulating innovative personally tailored plans to alleviate suffering through Counselling and Therapy.

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I look forward to helping you.