Board and Floor Games

I create and design both Floor-games and Board-games from my original ideas on a variety of themes for all ages. Each game is interactive, but also requires individual decision- making too. Each game hosts a set number of availability for players; this can range from three to thirty participants, depending on the game!

All my Games are copyrighted, but are available for purchase upon request. I also take commissions for specific themes. Please contact Deanna via this website.

Counselling and Psychotherapy Games

I have created individual Floor and Board-games with themes relating to Counselling, Psychotherapy and the Natural World, many of which are used in my Workshops with Junior and Secondary age school-children, and also with Higher Education students. This is in addition to my home games market line.

Playing my Board and Floor-Games at Home

My Games incorporate a plethora of subject-matter, whilst offering a fun experience.

Each Game is unique. Each is created and Hand-Painted to a high standard by me, and includes accessories.

Games for Schools and Universities

A large selection of Floor and Board Games from my copyrighted, ‘How Do I Feel About…?’ series.

Large Floor Games and Board Games explore in different ways the many positive and negative ‘Feelings’ within us, diffusing the diverse range of complexities within the human psyche which we encounter during life’s journey; moving forward into how we deal with these issues and heal ourselves, to become a game-winner!

Currently available are Games dealing with topics relating to: ‘Happiness’, ‘Depression’, ‘Being Alone’, ‘Bereavement’, ‘Stress’ and ‘Leaving’.

I am also available for bookings to run Workshops using my Games. Please see Workshops section, and contact Deanna on my email address for a consultation and a quote.

Deanna de Roche

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