Dream Workshop

This workshop is for adults who are interested in visually actualising imagery that may have been experienced through dreams.
Many recurring or vivid images experienced through dream sequences can often have a profound effect upon our daily lives, and unexplored may leave us wondering what, if any, meaning was contained within them. Visual recall and analytical Art-working of these images may unlock the colours, original feelings, and possibly the challenges that they evoked at the time they were experienced. This may also aid understanding of their possible meanings and influences. Working towards a visual realisation can provide a deeper understanding of unexplored feelings, and lead to increased awareness of ourselves and those around us, through this recalled imagery. These dream sequences might find resonance, and form comparisons with Art Movements, where imagined, recalled and remembered images have formed the basis for these Movements very collaborative existences, and the resulting collective Art works. Psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, studied dreams and thought their influences profound. Among his many interesting writings on this subject, he said that dreams liberate the spirit from the pressures of external nature.

No previous Art experience is required for this workshop.