Image-Making Workshop

This workshop is for adults who feel that they would benefit from increased ‘me time’ for a variety of reasons, and promotion of self-awareness understanding through the Creative Arts, and who are prepared to explore their own creativity in a safe space, to re-establish feelings of personal reconnection and well-being, which may have become obscured through a stressful life-style or personal trauma. The focus of this workshop is therapeutic image-making using a variety of mark-making media, in order to regain a gradual feeling of relaxation and happiness through Art, eliminating stress and experiencing a reconnection with their ‘true selves’, enhancing personal feelings of calm connectedness and well-being. This process allows for spontaneous artistic creativity to emerge and develop, in a safe and confidential environment, without pressure or criticism. Throughout these workshops personal expression is encouraged through non-prescriptive experimentation using different materials, as appropriate. These may include clay, paint, pastel, charcoal, print, found materials, collage, wire, wood, textile-based materials, amongst others.
Mindfulness will be practised at the beginning of each session to improve overall psychological well-being and relaxation.

No previous Art experience is required.